Auf den Spuren von Wilhelm Tell 

Die Leg­ende von Wil­helm Tell ist ein Eckpfeil­er des Schweiz­er Nation­al­stolzes. Erleben Sie die wichtig­sten Sta­tio­nen der Leg­ende: Den Geburt­sort von Wil­helm Tell, den Ort des Apfelschuss­es, sein Fluchtweg am Seeufer und „die hohle Gasse“ wo er den Land­vogt „Gessler“ mit der Arm­brust erschoss. Ein Teil dieser Tour find­et auf dem Schiff statt und man besichtigt auch eine altertüm­liche Werk­statt für Arm­brüste. Ein Tag mit bewegter Geschichte und atem­ber­auben­den Aussichten.

  • Sie wer­den mit einem Porsche SUV in Ihrem Hotel abge­holt und in den Haup­tort des Kan­tons Uri gefahren.
  • Besuch des Geburt­sortes von Wil­helm Tell und Besuch des Tell-Museums.
  • Schlen­dern durch die Kopf­stein-Gepflasterten Gassen der Alt­stadt und zum mut­masslichen Ort des Apfelschusses.
  • Eine gute Stunde Schiff­fahrt über den Vier­wald­stät­tersee, der von hohen Fel­swän­den gesäumt ist. Dabei passiert man einige wichtige Stät­ten der Schweiz­er Geschichte.
  • Mit­tagessen direkt am See, mit ein­er atem­ber­auben­den Aus­sicht über das türk­is­far­bene Wasser.
  • Weit­er­fahrt mit dem Porsche SUV ent­lang dem Seeufer zur „hohlen Gasse“, wo Wil­helm Tell den Land­vogt „Gessler“ erschossen haben soll.
  • Zum Schluss, Besuch ein­er altertüm­lichen Werk­statt für Arm­brüste. Sie kön­nen ver­suchen, mit ein­er Arm­brust eine kleine Zielscheibe in der Form eines Apfels zu tre­f­fen. Gemütlich­er Abschluss des Tages in der über 300-jähri­gen Weinkellerei in der Nachbarschaft.
  • Rück­kehr zum Hotel.

Die “Auf den Spuren von Wil­helm Tell” Tour kann über das ganze Jahr gebucht werden.

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Was unsere Gäste sagen

Five Stars!! Pas­cal was a gra­cious host. My wife and I felt he deliv­ered a first class expe­ri­ence. He guid­ed us through the breath­tak­ing towns of Inter­lak­en, Grindel­wald, Kleine Shei­degg, and Lauter­brun­nen. His knowl­edge of the coun­try, cul­ture, and land­scape was very impres­sive. I also like that he knows which hid­den spots are not as touristy. We will def­i­nite­ly be using his ser­vices again very soon! Thank you for a won­der­ful day, Pascal!
Amaz­ing day with local expert! My wife and I had an amaz­ing day of pri­vate cus­tom tour­ing with Pas­cal with includ­ed: small cable car over dreamy land­scapes, arte­sian moun­tain cheese mak­er, authen­tic Swiss lunch in a his­toric build­ing, alpine water­fall, and choco­late tast­ing and mak­ing! An amaz­ing day from start to fin­ish, all the while enjoy­ing Swiss moun­tain roads in a Porsche Cayenne GTS! Pas­cal has a true love for his home coun­try, is a wealth of knowl­edge, and a gift­ed guide. High­ly rec­om­mend SWISSPECIAL and Pas­cal to any­one look­ing for cus­tom cen­tral Swiss tours!
Brian E
Bri­an E
most mem­o­rable fam­i­ly trip! I con­tact­ed Mr. Pas­cal pri­or to vis­it­ing Switzer­land and arranged a trip for myself and fam­i­ly (process was smooth and sim­ple). Pas­cal accom­mo­dat­ed our inter­ests in what was a high­ly per­son­alised unique expe­ri­ence of the awe-inspir­ing Swiss coun­try and in what became our family’s most cher­ished mem­o­ry of a trip. He is punc­tu­al, knowl­edge­able, warm; the per­fect guide to coun­try he knows best. Our expe­ri­ence was both infor­ma­tive and inti­mate, spe­cial as opposed to com­mer­cial. We vis­it­ed a local farm and wit­nessed authen­tic cheese-mak­ing, an ice cave, rode up the moun­tains and viewed mon­u­men­tal glac­i­ers, rel­ish­ing the scenic nature around us in a dri­ve that was in itself part of the expe­ri­ence. Above all that, Pas­cal took pho­tos of our fam­i­ly through­out the entire trip to remem­ber this won­der­ful day which he mailed to us after- beau­ti­ful pho­tos in their own right! I can­not rec­om­mend SwissSpe­cial high­ly enough- do not miss out!
Full day pri­vate tour I had a full day tour with Pas­cal in the area around Lake Lucerne that was one of the most enjoy­able days i have ever had. His knowl­edge and enthu­si­asm for the area was appar­ent at every stop we made. The scenery was breath tak­ing as we vis­it­ed moun­tain side farms where goat cheese is made dai­ly, viewed the lake from every angle and had cheese and wine on a moun­tain top farm that can only be reached by a two per­son tram­car that is used to move peo­ple and sup­plies to the farm high on the moun­tain side in one of the most beau­ti­ful places that I have ever seen. I saw things that can only be seen if a local takes you there. I have been all over the world and have seen many beau­ti­ful things, but noth­ing com­pares to what Pas­cal showed me. The tour was the high­light of our trip to Switzer­land. I high­ly rec­om­mend a day with Pas­cal to see one of the most beau­ti­ful places in the world through the eyes of a per­son who lives there and loves every minute he spends there. It will be an expe­ri­ence that you will nev­er forget.
David W
David W
The only way to see the Swiss Alps is with Pascal! Our par­ty of four was in Lucerne for 4 days. The spe­cial day excur­sion with Pas­cal was by far the most ful­fill­ing and spe­cial part of our time in Switzer­land. He picked us up in his Porsche at our hotel and off we went up the moun­tain roads — Pas­cal is an Excel­lent Dri­ver! His nar­ra­tive as we drove to our first des­ti­na­tion was very infor­ma­tive and inter­est­ing and he was open to all of our ques­tions. He is also very gra­cious in stop­ping for restroom breaks, etc. Our first stop to a small cheese mak­er where the process was explained and then we tast­ed three cheese sam­ples of dif­fer­ent ages. The own­er of the farm was very accom­mo­dat­ing with allow­ing us to pet her live­stock — even a fair­ly young calf. Because of Pas­cal’s rela­tion­ships with the locals, we enjoyed a com­plete­ly pri­vate expe­ri­ence! The next stop was to the glac­i­er water­fall at Rosen­laui. What a tru­ly awe-inspir­ing feat of nature that we would have nev­er found on our own. A stop at Sustern Pass where Pas­cal relat­ed his per­son­al sto­ry of being on the moun­tain was height­ened by the pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ties of the moun­tains, heart-shaped lake and a sight­ing of a mar­mot! Our final stop was a moun­tain farm with a pri­vate gon­do­la. Pas­cal took extra care in shar­ing with us his con­ver­sa­tions with the farmer and work­ers so we could get an authen­tic feel of their dai­ly life. We again had fan­tas­tic views and we took many pho­tos and videos. We pet­ted their goats and cows and end­ed the day with a deli­cious meat and cheese tray and beer. Pas­cal took many pho­tos of our group through­out the trip and deliv­ered copies to us very quick­ly, which was appre­ci­at­ed. We love Pas­cal and will book with him again when we come back to Switzerland!
KSortore - Fort Myers, FL
KSor­tore — Fort Myers, FL